Our Team

Our Mission At Avalanche Pest Solutions Lewisville TX

Avalanche Pest Solutions will be the industry leader in eco-friendly and quality service. Avalanche will expand by upholding the highest performance and professionalism. Our main objective is to be known as the greatest service provider in our field. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, as proven by our receipt of the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2014 and 2019. Furthermore, we offer any service firm the most comprehensive, dependable, and courteous service, with a quick and effective response to your needs. Finally, we are proud to have the best-trained technicians in the industry. They are careful in their planning and preparation, which results in tasks on schedule and with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Business Owner

Blake Kirksey

(Business Owner)

Blake has been the owner of Avalanche Pest Solutions, a pest control company located in Lewisville, TX, since 2008. He is also a hardworking father for his six sons, his greatest accomplishment. Blake learned from the best through training with the best in the industry, and he took all that knowledge and applied it to his business which is why he is so successful. His hobbies consist of playing table tennis, working out, and spending time with his family and friends.

Marketing Manager

Cheryl Kirksey

(Marketing Manager)

Cheryl Kirksey is a marketing manager who loves making new friends and engaging with people. She is a strong independent woman who can handle any task given to her with complete dedication. She is well informed about the latest happenings in the world of marketing. Cheryl advocates for feminism and loves to inspire other women to step into their potential. She is hardworking and handles Avalanche Pest Control’s social media accounts to disseminate the brand on different platforms. Her hobbies include writing in her journal, meditating, and reading.


Richard Willette


Richard Willette is the content writer of Avalanche Pest Solutions, which writes blogs and articles. He’s a big fan of indie music and loves to keep updated on all the latest shows and songs. He writes a lot of journals, articles, and blogs and also creates podcasts for people. If you’re ever looking for a ghostwriter, Richard might be the person to get in touch with. He says he’s interested in investing in NFT in the future.

Service Technician

Robert Waters

(Service Technician)

Robert Waters is a service tech for Avalanche Pest Solutions. He is an expert in wildlife control and Raccoon Removal Lewisville TX. He is a licensed pest technician and has experience in the field. He’s a skilled worker and an all-around nice guy. Rob was hired due to his pleasing personality and complemented his background. When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his son playing Fortnite. His favorite quote is, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Service Technician

William Rogers

(Service Technician)

William Rogers is a professional technician who specializes in Spider Control Lewisville TX for Avalanche Pest Solutions. He has always enjoyed helping other people with their problems and has found that being a pest technician helps him in that department. William always strives to be courteous and kind to everyone he meets. His favorite hobby is reading articles about the latest news in the country, and he enjoys sharing his opinions with others. He is passionate about politics and loves to talk about it.

Service Technician

Stephan Carpenter

(Service Technician)

Stephan Carpenter is a service technician for Avalanche Pest Solutions and has become an expert in pest control, precisely Ant Control Lewisville TX.  He has been working for Avalanche for a little over a year. His clients and the company so well love Stephan because he has a kind personality and tends to be very thoughtful. Stephan enjoys watching his favorite YouTube channels and browsing through Amazon because it helps him stay informed on products.