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    Removing pest infestations by yourself isn’t something that we’ll recommend you to do. A Professional Lewisville TX Exterminator is just what you need to get rid of these annoying monsters. Texas, Lewisville Pests include Bed Bugs Control Lewisville TX, fleas, and ticks.

    Bed bugs are parasitic six-legged insects that feed on the blood of humans and dogs. They are around 1/4 inch in diameter and have a flat oval form. They are around the size of an apple seed.

    Their gold-colored hair, antennae, and cone-shaped eyes on the upper half of their bodies set them apart from other species. Their lower bodies are wrinkly, like a crinkled sheet of paper on the bottom.

    Bed bugs cannot fly, although they can move quite swiftly on the ground. Temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit will increase their growth and multiplication. The nymph stage of a bed bug is recognizable by its translucent tint, which changes to a crimson color after eating. Before a nymph bed bug can mature into an adult, it must shed its skin five times.

    A typical female can lay between 5 and 7 eggs per week and produce up to 500 eggs throughout her life cycle, which lasts between twelve and eighteen months. The eggs will hatch in 6 to 17 days and be known as nymphs once they develop.

    Pesticides and other chemical treatments are ineffective against bed bug eggs. Bedding, carpeting and rugs, quilted clothes, below wallpaper and rags in between curtain folds, behind wall décor, and wood furnishings are all potential hiding spots for bedbugs. It is their preferred time of day to attack, and they will remain active until just before daybreak. Bedbugs bite the exposed skin of a person sleeping in an infested bed, causing reddish itching spots on the affected skin.

    A bedbug infestation is one of the most disturbing events that may happen in your life. If you do not want this to happen or suspect an infestation, please contact our Avalanche Pest Solutions Lewisville TX office at (214) 492-5845.